Online Marketing Internship, NJ: Ecommerce, SEO, Social Media

  • Web marketing company in Hoboken, New Jersey seeking 1 marketing intern and 1 writer for the fall of 2013.
  • 2 to 5 days per week on-site. Content writers may work partially off-site; marketing interns must work on-site in Hoboken, NJ.
  • Work with experienced internet marketing professionals in a fast-paced, energetic environment that fosters creativity and education.
  • Affiliate Marketing – learn the basics of affiliate marketing and get hands-on experience by helping with lower level day to day tasks while learning the ropes from A to Z for affiliate recruitment.
  • Search Engine Optimization – learn the basics of SEO and gain hands-on experience with content development and link-building while learning the ropes from A to Z of website analysis, from on-page SEO to Google Analytics and interpreting the data to develop an SEO strategy. Also learn about reputation management to suppress negative information on Google, Yahoo, Yelp, Google Maps and other websites, search engines and social media outlets.
  • Social Media Optimization – learn the basics of SMO and gain hands-on experience with developing profiles on Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets.
  • Content Development – our online marketing website is in need of some TLC, due to time constraints where significantly more time is spent on client projects than our own marketing. We also need help with content development on other websites including our in-house network of around 50 blogs on virtually every topic. You will learn WordPress and Content Management Systems. You will receive guidance and then conduct research on how to market the services we offer.

Fall Internships – Requirements

  • Major in ecommerce, marketing, journalism, entrepreneurship or related area
  • Interest in online marketing with some coursework or experience
  • Brilliant or at least smart, with a bit of common sense and a little OCD
  • Excited to work in a startup environment (we are not corporate)
  • Dress code is relaxed, just minimize the wearing of torn garments unless they make you look super-fabulous

Marketing Office Location

  • 2-minute walk from the PATH in Hoboken New Jersey, a 20-minute train ride from Manhattan, with stops along 6th Ave (33rd Street, 23rd St, 14th St, 9th St) and also stops at Christopher St and World Trade Center.

Contact Information

  • Send email to – no phone calls please. Put “Fall Internship” in the subject-line.
  • Send resume, cover letter and availability (dates, days of the week, times of day). A list of the classes you have taken already, current courses and the following semester’s schedule is helpful.
  • May lead to a paid, part-time position after the internship is completed.

Marketing Intern Testimonials

“It was clear you cared about my successes and failures, and encouraged me to work hard and excel. I love how you made me, and every single intern, feel valued and important. From day one I felt noticed and cared for, whether it was the daily offering of coffee, the friendly “good mornings,” the immediate response to all my questions and concerns, or the feedback for all my work. Everything combined into one amazing experience that I will remember and to which I will credit my future successes, forever. And that’s because you have created such an environment where that it possible. So I would really like to thank you for all the time, money, and effort you invested in me. I learned a lot more than I expected to learn, and about so many different things completely unrelated to advertising, too. I definitely came out of Consorte Marketing more well-rounded than I did when I came in, and I can’t thank you enough for that. ”

- Ayden, Copywriting Intern

“…an expert in SEO and he invested a lot of time and effort imparting his expertise to me. One of our focuses was on the optimal utilization of Google Adwords; taught me about its fundamentals, how to organize my findings in Excel, and most importantly, how to utilize its results to strategically plan and optimize online content by incorporating the most effective keywords and links. …an effective and patient instructor, and his training has given me some useful skills in my career going forward.”

- Phil, Online Marketing Intern

“…fostered an educational environment that gave me the real-world experience I need in making the transition from schoolwork to client projects that demanded results. He gave the department the leadership it needed to produce results. In addition to what I learned while working directly with my manager, …was happy to transfer his knowledge of SEO and other marketing areas (affiliate, email, etc) during our strategic group meetings. I would love the opportunity to work with him again because he is an excellent manager.”

- Lina, Ecommerce Marketing Intern

“…on the fast track to becoming an industry leader …acted as both my supervisor and my in-house classroom professor. From the technicalities of SEO to the bigger picture of digital strategy (and everything in between), industry knowledge and experience seemed to be forever growing. I quickly learned that I could turn to him for insight and guidance in just about every aspect of online marketing, as he never failed to come up with an explanation, a demonstration and a solution for any question that happened to cross my mind. …places a high value on nurturing the individual talents of his team members. …became the most intensive and worthwhile learning experience I’ve ever had.”

- Hilary, Online Marketing Intern

“…provided invaluable training for me in the fields of affiliate marketing, PPC campaigns, and SEO. Additionally he helped negotiate deals to sell ad space …made some crucial introductions that helped …which instantly doubled the number of signups.

…gives extremely clear instructions and when questions arise he provides timely and helpful feedback. He is also very generous with connecting you to his contacts at other networks, which was crucial to getting us into both advertising and publishing programs. It is also very useful that he has a programming background and an immense knowledge of e commerce and SEO in general. He is always coming up with innovative ways to increase sales and performance and has no problem sharing his methods with others. He is extremely good at dealing with people and problems when they arise and has given me the confidence to do the same. ”

- Maian, Marketing Manager

“…an excellent learning experience. As an aspiring writer, he helped me to take my previous skills and fine-tune them for presentation while combining SEO. Through learning SEO …also helped me to understand various CMS platforms such as WordPress and Drupal. As my first endeavor into the world of professional writing, …created a positive environment with a relationship that continues to help me plan for the future. His expertise of marketing as well as running a smooth operation is evident.”

- Sam, Copy Writer