The Tricks to Ecommerce Web Design Success

Web Design: Keep it Simple

Web Design: Keep it Simple

Whether you’re just beginning to build a business online, or you’ve had a web presence for a while, knowing the tricks to ecommerce web design can help grow your business and improve your sales. There are several important things to remember when discussing website design, as well as many misconceptions. Understand the tips provided in order to improve your online customer base and your company’s reputation. Then, depending on your budget, decide if you want to make these improvements to your website yourself or utilize them in the development of a brand new website. Or, consider hiring a professional web design company like Consorte Marketing to do these things for you.

The first tip is simple; make sure each page of your website has a purpose. There is nothing more frustrating to a customer than a website without a well-thought homepage that has an intuitive design and easy navigation.

Next, your site should be aesthetically pleasing. There is a lot to be said for a clean, intuitive website. A professional design will establish trust in a potential customer and increase conversion from traffic to sales. Most people aren’t experienced in website design, and hire a designer or a professional design firm to handle this aspect of the business for them. Investing at this stage frees up time that can be spent on building other aspects of your online business.

Additionally, your site will need continued maintenance to ensure that it is up to date with the latest trends and interactive technology, and that it is search-engine friendly according to the latest algorithms. After the initial design, your site should be created in a way that makes updates and maintenance simple for either you or your staff. A good design starts with a wireframe developed by an experienced information architect. This is the “blueprint” of a website and will guide the designer during the design phase. The wireframe should contain the basics of your site, including on-page elements such as the locations for product images, banners and navigation.

If your website is an ecommerce store, it is crucial that the shopping cart, product descriptions and checkout are easy to navigate. Customers don’t need reasons not to purchase items from you, and a complicated check out process isn’t doing your business any favors – people will abandon the cart before placing their order, and you will lose the sale. Developers understand the in’s and out’s of website construction, and when their talents are paired with a landing page optimization strategy, the result is more sales for you. A few ideas for the DIY web developer: include package-tracking information, provide shipping options, and make returns easy.

Finally, a successful ecommerce website should give the customer reasons to return again and again. For instance, a strategic email marketing campaign with targeted messages for your shoppers will draw them back to your store. You’ll improve your company’s reputation and people will go to you first to buy products they’re interested in.

Following these ecommerce web design rules should land you the business increase and web presence you’ve been waiting for. Just remember the old adage and Keep It Simple.

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  • By Dennis Consorte
  • Published on January 12th, 2012
  • Posted in Web Design.