New Hairstyles For Face Shapes Infographic

Check out this creative new infographic we designed for Luxhair™. We wanted to provide their network of hairstylists and customers with something useful, engaging and shareable. We brainstormed ideas and did our usual keyword research to find the best opportunities. The obvious became apparent: there was a need for a very basic guide to finding the right hairstyle. So, we researched numerous websites and consulted with the professional staff at Luxhair, who gave us much guidance. We turned their vision into this handy infographic that also makes a great poster. After it was complete, we syndicated it across numerous infographic directories, blogs and other websites and sent an email blast to industry professionals, who welcomed this highly relevant content. We soon found it shared organically across the web, especially on websites like Pinterest.

If you’ve never been sure what hairstyles look best on you, now you can easily find the answer. Simply identify your face shape on the left hand side of the infographic and then follow the row to see three great styles selected just for you! Using this infographic you can finally style your hair in a way that sets off your best features.

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Custom Cuts

Hairstyles for face shapes

Your hairstyle can make or break your look. Show off your features with hair that works best for you.

Heart Shaped Face

Show off your cheek bones, while highlighting your eyes.

      • Sideswept Bangs
      • Long Waves
      • Textured Short

Long Shaped Face

Waves and volumizing cuts shorten the length of your face

      • Wavy Curls
      • Mid Length Bob
      • Chin Length Bob

Oval Shaped Face

Choose styles that won’t hang in your face and cover your great features.

      • A-line Cut
      • Edgy Short Cut
      • Medium Bob

Round Shaped Face

Use layers to create the illusion of angles, cutting down the softness from your face.

      • Sideswept Bangs
      • Long Layers
      • Sleek Pony

Square Shaped Face

Select styles that will soften your jaw line.

      • Curvy Bob
      • Voluminous Curls
      • Long Curls

Triangle Shaped Face

Shorter styles or layered cuts will even out your face shape.

      • Short Bob
      • Textured Pixie
      • Medium Layers

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  • By Dennis Consorte
  • Published on February 6th, 2013