Making Content Sing

When you include new content on your site, be sure it’s not just filler. Here are some tips on writing and editing SEO that’s professional, effective and attractive to your readers.

Proofread Carefully

This first part is the most straightforward. When you edit SEO content, make sure it’s flawless. Proofread for grammar, punctuation and spelling, and be sure to check facts and cite sources. You want readers to know that they can count on you to provide reliable information.

If you’re the original writer, have a colleague or SEO content services team proofread your work. Two pairs of trustworthy eyes are always better than one.

Use the Law of Word Economy

When you’re writing SEO content, don’t say something in three sentences when you could use just one. You should flesh out your ideas, but once you’ve made your point, move on. Ask yourself if any two sentences are redundant, and if so, eliminate one or combine them. Additionally, try to merge short sentences into longer compound ones. This keeps your writing from feeling choppy.


Incorporate Keywords Organically

Remember in second grade when you had to use vocabulary words in sentences? Your teacher knew if you crammed them in there without knowing their meanings. The same concept applies to the keywords you include in your SEO content. Get creative and find a way to work them in that doesn’t feel awkward. For example, let’s say you’re writing for a baby food company, and you’re doing a blog post about healthy foods for babies with the longtail keyword: organic baby food discount.

Avoid this: “Just like mothers love shopping for new baby clothes, they also love an organic baby food discount. ”

Instead, try this: “As a mother, you want to provide the best of everything for your child, finding stores with an organic baby food discount helps save you money and provide your child with the proper nutrition.”


Style and Voice

This is, perhaps, the trickiest part of writing and editing SEO content. You must know, and write for, your audience. If your company sells toys, for example, you’ll want to keep things light and playful. If you’re an online travel agency, you’ll want your customers to feel confident that you’ll handle even the most complicated bookings with aplomb. If you’re having trouble figuring out how you should be addressing readers, explore the most popular sites in your niche. Have a look at their original content, as well as user feedback.


Finally, SEO content is most successful when users feel compelled to share it, make a purchase and/or return to your site. To get there, you must keep things interesting, useful and relevant. Readers enjoy content that they connect with,  solves a problem, answers a question, or presents an innovative new idea or solution. If you keep them informed and entertained and let them sense a genuine connection to both you and your company, they’ll be back for more.

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  • By Jody Mullen
  • Published on June 17th, 2013