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You can’t get far in marketing without listening to what’s happening in the community. Check out some of these interesting news and tip articles you may have missed.

Marketing a Missed Call

It was reported this week by The Economist, that in India there was a commercial making fun of the fact that people are now using missed calls as signals to each other. Due to high call rates, many have resorted to calling and hanging up to send each other messages that they’d like to talk. By realizing this trend, marketers were able to send a message that really connected with their audience, and conveyed that at least one phone company was listening to them.

However, the real story here was that Zipdial, found a way to target consumers by sending them ads through exactly this method. Brands can now communicate by placing ads that ask customers to make a call, which is immediately cut off, with the response of a voicemail or text telling the callers their latest offers and deals.

What’s the lesson to be taken from this? Well for one thing, you must always think from your audience’s point of view, when you take their needs and wants into mind, you are much more likely to reach them.

The Romance of IT and Marketing

In an article this week by Sandra Gittlen at Network World, the importance of an alliance between IT and the marketing was strongly brought to light. An understanding of technology and it’s constantly evolving nature is the driving force behind successful online marketing. This is a fact that can seem quite obvious, but is often not facilitated when larger companies allow a gap to develop between these two departments. IT and marketing should work as one cohesive group instead of separate entities. Even something as simple as meeting once a week can help bring these two teams closer together. So why not try it out?

Efficient Web Design

Ping! Zine recently had a great article on web design tips for staying productive while managing multiple web design projects. The tip that stood out the most was stopping every hour to check your progress. This is so important because it forces you to question yourself about where you are heading with your projects before you go off too far in the wrong direction. Another tip would be to get a second or even third opinion at these breaks. Alternate perspectives challenge your work and can inspire you to the next level.

No matter if you are outsourcing your marketing or keeping it in house, these tips can help you to stay on track, connect with your audience, and make sure your online marketing team is utilizing the best technologies. Share  some of your own tips in the comments section below for more feedback, or let us know if you’ve tried any of these methods.

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  • By Dennis Consorte
  • Published on August 18th, 2013