Design & Marketing News Recap: Week of February 23, 2014

Is that spring we smell in the air? After the winter we’ve had, we’re a little afraid to hope. While we can’t promise you good news about whether the snow has finally taken a hike until December or even next January, we can tell you all about what’s happening in the worlds of web development and design and online marketing. Join us for a quick recap of some of the latest important news, and stay up to date on what’s especially relevant these days.

Top Web Design Trends in 2014: Forbes

In this day and age, your web site is often the first impression you make on people who are new to your brand. If it’s out of date, you’re communicating a whole lot about your business to potential customers, and it’s very likely not the message you intend. Forbes offers a short but sweet summary on the Top Web Design Trends in 2014, which include responsive design for mobile devices and tablets, the beauty of simplicity, and a site that tells a clear, convincing story as soon as it loads. You want to make sure your site is a first-rate ambassador for the goods and services you provide, so review these suggestions and be sure they apply.

Top Web Design Trends for 2014: John Hinds, Business 2 Community

But wait, there’s more! John Hinds of Business 2 Community has thoughts of his own on the Top Web Design Trends for 2014. While his article covers some of what you just read on Forbes, like the importance of responsive design, he also covers ideas like fixed navigation toolbars, specific typography choices, and beautiful, eye-catching, and informative infographics. Here’s a second and equally useful primer on how to keep your site looking great and feeling current—don’t miss these web design tips, either.

Bing Takes a Stance Against Poor Spelling and Grammar: Matt Southern, Search Engine Journal

While you’re evaluating your web site, give all of the valuable content you’ve posted—product descriptions, blog posts, general boilerplate—a good proofreading. As Matt Southern of Search Engine Journal explains, Bing is taking a stance against poor spelling and grammar, indicating that it will hurt your performance in rankings. He explains that the search engine intends to penalize sites containing low-quality content rife with errors, not ones with great material that contains one or two typos (hey, we all miss things now and then!) He also speculates that Google may follow suit. This is just a handy reminder that any effective content strategy should include at least one thorough editing and proofreading session—but the more, the better. There’s nothing like a second pair of eyes to spot those tiny but frustrating errors!

So now, what do you think—are you prepared to take your corner of the online business world by storm, or could your web site use some smart tweaking? If you need web design inspiration and guidance, there are seasoned professionals waiting to help you. Whip that page of yours into great shape!

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  • By Dennis Consorte
  • Published on February 23rd, 2014