Website Redesign & Social Media Integration Case Study: Stand Up NY

Stand Up NY is a comedy club on Manhattan’s Upper West side with a rich history of storied performers, including Jerry Seinfeld, Aziz Ansari, Chris Rock, David Attell, and Louis C.K., among many others. With its outstanding reputation for attracting top comedic talent, Stand Up NY needed a full website redesign for several reasons:

  1. To reflect its status as one of New York’s top comedy clubs
  2. To increase conversion with a better user experience and design
  3. To increase traffic with improved taxonomy and website architecture for SEO
  4. To begin to transform the website into a comedy destination where people could read and talk about interesting content related to their favorite comedians, rather than simply a place to buy tickets to the club.

Site Issues

  • Distinct lack of engagement due to limited content and social media integration
  • Unfriendly ticket purchasing function and events calendar
  • Outdated look and feel, along with broken functionality and a tired logo
  • Difficultly in adding new pages of content to the website

In comparison to the energetic and charismatic street team promoting the club to passersby, the old website was falling down on the job … and there was nothing funny about it!

We stepped in to design and develop a new website that is far more engaging, interactive, and convenient. In order to make this possible, we had to start by rebranding the website with a new logo and color scheme. After we’d accomplished that, we moved on to the website design. Check out the many aspects of Stand Up NY’s website functionality that we dramatically improved:

‘Performing Tonight’ and ‘Upcoming Shows’ Sections on the Main Page

  • The site dynamically updates and displays names and photos of comedians performing each evening.
  • Users can securely purchase tickets for these performances and other upcoming shows via integration with LaughStub. This provides a seamless experience to the user by matching the look and feel of the site to the LaughStub ticketing platform.

Show Calendar

  • Through our integration with LaughStub, the website displays a longer list of upcoming events. We built in calendar functionality so patrons can plan out which shows they want to attend.
  • Users can view shows happening this month or in past and future months.
  • Immediate ticket purchase is available for current and future shows.

Engaging, Robust Social Media Integration

  • The site integrates a streaming Twitter and Facebook sidebar so that users can keep track of show and schedule updates and read messages from comedians.
  • Instagram integration allows Stand Up NY employees to snap photos of shows and other happenings and have them automatically display on the website. This keeps the site full of recent, fun visual content without requiring the busy owners to stop what they’re doing and perform an update.
  • Social media buttons located above the fold immediately encourage the user to follow Stand Up NY on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.
  • Patrons get a discount for sharing the website with their friends as part of the purchasing process, with a strong call-to-action for saving money on the purchase they’re about to make by sharing with friends.

Optimized & Engaging Content About Comedy

  • We added comedian biographies to the website with interesting, optimized content and a searchable directory of current and past performers by name, so that users may research their favorite comics. In addition to improved SEO, this helped strengthen the Stand Up NY brand by reminding users of the talented and widely-known comedians who have performed at their club.
  • We established a blog and developed a process and content strategy for Stand Up NY’s in-house writers to produce content on an ongoing basis. This included helping to produce initial content, as well as consulting on the optimization of the content the writers produced themselves via smart keyword strategies and other suggestions.

Image and Video Gallery Integration

  • We created a section on the website that is easy to manage through the WordPress CMS, where staff can upload photos, videos and podcasts. This adds yet another layer of interesting content that audience members can share with their friends to help grow the Stand Up NY brand as a national destination for comedy.

Thanks to our website redesign and the integration of social media and engaging, shareable content, the Stand Up NY website functions like a member of its street team! Today, it attracts current and new audience members with stronger social interaction and more convenient ticket purchasing and other processes. Now this prominent comedy club’s website is working as hard as its staff members are—just as it should be!