Convert Traffic to Sales

Once you have some eyeballs on your website, it’s time to convert those web visitors into sales. There are a number of ways to do this, both on and off of your website.

One way to increase conversion is through sculpting the SEO strategy of your website to get users to the pages they are looking for. Oftentimes, link building is done by getting other websites to link to your site, rather than a specific page on your website. The result is that most links point to your homepage – and so do all of your listings on Google. We will optimize content on your website to draw traffic from specific keywords, then link to that content in such a way that search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo know where to steer your would-be customers. People get to the products they really want, your website is SEO friendly, you make money and everyone is happy.

SEO is one technique for getting users to your website. However it is inevitable that a user may land on a page that is not exactly what they’re looking for. The result is that they must surf around your site a bit to find the exact product or group of products that they are interested in. That’s where developing an intuitive, strategic taxonomy to your website is critical. You want to make sure that people who arrive at your website find it extremely usable, and are able to navigate to their final destination in as few clicks as possible.

A third ingredient to increased conversion comes from landing page optimization. At this point the user is on the right page and needs to make a decision. Through optimized landing pages, we are able to increase the chances of the user making the decision you’d like them to make with the least amount of confusion as possible. Our scientific techniques based on years of ecommerce experience combined with industry knowledge, psychological research and multivariate testing will yield landing pages that convert your visitors into sales.

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