Get Traffic To Your Website

You’ve got a beautiful website, great products and competitive prices and you know that if people were to find it, they would buy something and you would  make money. The problem is, no one knows that you even exist. Your website is like a cottage in the middle of a giant forest with no roads leading to it.

Meet Bill. Bill owns a shoe store and wanted to build a website and sell his products online. He wasn’t sure if it was worth a real investment, so he hired his cousin Mike’s daughter Ellen to design the site for him on the cheap.

Ellen’s smart, creative and talented. She went to Pratt Institute and got her degree in Graphic Design. Her stuff just looks great. She’s played around with Dreamweaver a bit, so it wasn’t hard for her to knock out a pretty little website in no time at all. When it was done, she tacked on a 3rd party shopping cart and voila! Bill was online.

Bill waited for the sales to come in. He checked his email 5 times an hour. He installed Google Analytics and checked his stats every night at midnight. He waited some more and still, no sales. No visitors. Nothing.

Why Didn’t Bill Get Any Traffic?

Ellen did a great job designing the website. The problem was, Ellen was a graphic designer, not an Information Architect who could design an intuitive user interface with the framework needed to make the website search-engine friendly. The first step in getting traffic to a website is through Search Engine Optimization. SEO begins with the way your website is structured and then gets fleshed out with content and links pointing to your website. Like a wise man once said, begin with the end in mind. The best way to get good results with SEO is if your website is already built to support it. Contact Consorte Marketing and we will help you develop an SEO-friendly website.