Search Engine Optimization

Many factors influence your website’s rankings. If you’re a small business owner with a web presence, then chances are that you’ve dabbled a bit in Search Engine Optimization. The raw materials used for SEO are simple: links and content. However, this is not all there is to SEO. In construction, wood and brick are the basic materials used to build a house. To say that anyone can take these materials and construct a 2-family house would be a bit far-fetched. Certainly anyone could take a few 2×4’s and plywood to form an oddly-shaped structure with 4 walls and a roof to sustain life. But if you want more than just sustainment – if you want life to flourish, then you need an architect.

We do a great job with SEO, and we do an even better job with setting realistic expectations for SEO. We’re not going to make false promises for results that are unlikely. Rather, we’ll do some due diligence when we create our proposal and offer you various options with projections that are obtainable. In fact, there may be times when we engage in an Online Marketing Campaign Audit to determine whether SEO should be prioritized over other marketing channels. We want you to be satisfied with the results, and we’ll let you know what it will take to achieve them.

Search Engine Optimization Strategy

As with construction, SEO requires skilled hands to mold your website into something that appears on the first page of Google, Bing and Yahoo for keywords that are competitive and drive traffic. Real optimization begins with the structure of the website. Pages need to connect using properly formed links. Products need to be grouped logically within the taxonomy of your website. Site maps need to be complete and duplicate content needs to be blocked or filtered to a single source through canonical references and other fancy doo-dads that an experienced SEO consultant will implement effectively. All of these things – and more – need to be in place before even considering content development and link-building.

With the proper website architecture, compelling content that is also well-optimized is key to success with SEO. This content is a combination of highly relevant keywords that drive traffic and unique subject matter that draws a reader in. SEO is not just about rank – it’s about ranking for the right words and user intent is everything. Our strategy focuses on exactly this – understanding the user and getting the right people to the site – people who are looking to buy the product we sell. Hire Consorte Marketing for anything from high-level SEO consulting services to full-service optimization of your website and have the job done right, by a professional firm.

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