Quality Link-Building

High-quality links to your web site tell search engines that your page matters. Not all link-building strategies, however, are of the same high caliber. You can decide to outsource this responsibility to a company that promises to “build thousands of links every month,” for example, but that doesn’t mean they’re going to help your website rank or bottom line. As a matter of fact, a nasty new ploy known as negative SEO is emerging, predicated on the idea that building a lot of spammy links to a site hurts its search engine performance. At Consorte Marketing, we spend more time developing content that people want to share and link to, rather than using manipulative tactics that just don’t work anymore.

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At Consorte Marketing, we avoid ineffective link-building techniques and instead employ a variety of skillful techniques that make you look good to search engines and users. Some of them are:

  • Content strategy: we brainstorm and develop A+ content—material that’s timely, useful, interesting, and sometimes funny—to which site and blog owners will be inspired to link, unprompted by you or us. We go way beyond good, unique content and prefer to create the best content about whatever subject we’re focusing on.
  • Publicity and public relations: we never blast out meaningless, ineffective press releases. Instead, we develop a strategic publicity campaign designed to generate valuable placements with reputable media outlets and sites. Some of this will result in high-quality links back to your page. Publicity comes in many forms, beyond simple press releases.
  • Blogger outreach: Google has cracked down on spammy blogger networks and the pay-per-post industry as a whole. We instead identify relevant and authoritative blogs and figure out how to provide them with enough value that they’ll want to write about our clients.
  • High-quality directory listings: we don’t spend any more time or energy on directory listings than is productive for you. But, we’ll work to get you listed on the few that still matter.
  • Social Media: we leverage all appropriate platforms to put your site in front of people who will spread your message. Although social sharing does not have a direct impact on search engine rankings, putting amazing content in front of the right audience will get more people engaged. When this happens enough, some of those people may start to share your content outside of just reposting it to Facebook, Instagram and other social media websites. When this happens, your rankings can improve dramatically. In addition, if you hire us to perform influencer outreach, we’ll find those people most vocal to your audience and find ways to convince a few of them to amplify your content to the masses.
  • Infographic Design and Distribution: Budget-permitting, we’ll create and disseminate eye-catching, memorable, shareable infographics that make viewers want to learn more about the source (that’s you!). Keep in mind, this space has become saturated with an abundance of poorly developed infographics. The ones we produce require many hours of research and design work, to increase the possibility that they’ll be shared in places where they can be effective, beyond spammy infographics directories.

As you can see, we wear many hats—and you can be sure that all of them are white. We’re not interested in merely generating a superficially impressive number of links to your site that actually cause search engines to penalize your ranking and make your business look questionable. Spam doesn’t help your ranking—or your reputation. In fact, it hurts them. We’d much rather help your search engine performance by employing positive, above-board, proven techniques, including the development of amazing written and graphic content that engages a diverse set of new readers who will become customers.

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