Social Media Marketing

Consorte Marketing offers Social Media Marketing services, or SMM for short. Put simply, our goal is to engage your current customer base, and to get you in front of people who represent your target demographic.

Social Media and ROI

It’s true, social networking and social bookmarking are essential components of a successful online marketing campaign. However, many companies make the mistake of assuming that success must be measured in dollars and cents. Of course, increasing the money you make with your website as a direct result of our internet marketing efforts is the ultimate goal. However, this will be most apparent with other ecommerce strategies such as SEO and Affiliate Marketing. Through social media, we measure success according to a different set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):

  • Success in engaging people who have made purchases in the past with compelling content that brings them back to your website again and again.
  • Success in identifying people who fit the mold of an ideal customer, and introducing them to your brand and your website, not with the idea of selling to someone who is not yet ready to buy, but rather to connect with them so that when they are ready to buy, they buy from you.
  • Success in grooming Brand Evangelists – influential people who will promote your brand to their friends, their family and the Worldwide Web – for free.
  • Success in increasing the amount of buzz that travels around the net as people begin to talk about – and write about – your product.

Discovering Your Brand Identity Online

We don’t just jump into social networks to bombard people with your brand. Every long-term project we take on begins with a thorough Discovery phase. If you’ve already got a social media presence, then we’ll begin with some Social Media Optimization, or SMO. This means that we’ll optimize your existing profiles to make them ready for ongoing, effective marketing. We invest a great deal of time in understanding the competitive landscape, your brand, and where the opportunities exist. We then turn this understanding into a plan of action that you are in complete agreement with. Once that happens, we begin the Social Media Optimization campaign.

Engage Customers Through Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn

At Consorte Marketing, we take the time to understand who your customers are. We do this by asking you questions about your clientele, and we listen to your answers. We also dig into any historical data you may have – past purchases people have made, traffic patterns, demographic data and any existing social networking activity and its current level of success. Armed with this knowledge, we build out a campaign that brings people back for more. The short term, measurable result is increased traffic and return visitors (people who come back to your site time and again). The long term effect is increased Customer Lifetime Value (CLV or LTV). They say that it is much more cost effective to keep an existing customer than to acquire a new one, and this is true in the Webosphere. Get people to stick around, and eventually they’ll buy again, and again.

Identify New Customers and Brand Evangelists

It can be tough to find new customers. When people are ready to make an online purchase, SEO and PPC Advertising are often great ways to draw people to your website. However, not everyone is ready to buy all the time. Through social media, we look to find people who are not quite in “buy mode” and just introduce them to your brand with something interesting enough to make them want to learn more. Once they’re hooked as part of your online community, they’ll become a network of people who are vocal about your brand, and will do so without expecting a paycheck. The long-term goal is to turn some of these people, as well as some of your existing customers into Brand Evangelists. These “influencers” are people who will promote your product and company through Word-of-Mouth (WOM) marketing, and the effects can be viral.

Consorte Marketing: Your Virtual Brand Embassador

We understand social media, and we strive to understand every one of our client’s wants and needs. We would love to speak with you and brainstorm how we can help to grow your social footprint online.

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