Pay Per Click Management

A well-run paid search campaign will have a significant positive impact on your online business. At Consorte Marketing, we have over ten years of experience managing Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns on Google Adwords and Bing for businesses of all sizes. This gives us the know-how to make your ad spending work for you as efficiently and effectively as possible, ensuring that not a single dollar of your budget is wasted. Utilizing best practices combined with our internal methodology, we optimize your PPC campaign with well-written advertisements and streamlined keyword bids designed to send you the greatest volume of traffic that converts to sales while keeping within budget.

Our Process

Stage 1: Due Diligence: A Discovery of Your Needs

Meeting of the Minds: At Consorte Marketing we understand that a successful PPC campaign rests on three foundations. The first is an inherent understanding of our client’s wants and needs. We meet with you to determine what you plan to accomplish, what resources you are able to commit in the pursuit of your goals and how achieving those goals will impact your business. At times, we may suggest that you contract us first to perform an Online Marketing Campaign Audit, to determine whether PPC or some other channel  is the right area to focus on.

Secondly, we will gain an in-depth awareness of your business through a comprehensive audit of your website.  We will become intimately familiar with which keywords produce sales, which of your products sell most effectively, and which landing pages convert at the highest rates. Using this information, we will design a customized PPC campaign strategy with the understanding that the goal is not just to raise the volume of traffic that is brought to your site, but also to optimize that traffic so the majority of new site visitors also become new customers for you and your business. Unlike other PPC managers, we seek to maximize your Return of Investment (ROI) rather than your traffic volume.

The third foundation is based around competitor research. The mark of a successful PPC management firm is an understanding that the actions of your competitors will have an inevitable impact on the PPC campaign designed for you. Consorte Marketing doesn’t cut corners by simply using the most popular keywords. We understand the importance of varying the keywords to include a powerful mix of those with significant traffic and strong competition, those high in traffic but low in competition and those whose traffic is not very high but are more likely to lead to sales conversions. In this way we will maximize the use of your advertising budget to get you the best results.

Stage 2:  Our PPC Managers Get Results

Once we have the necessary information at our disposal, we will execute a thorough and strategic campaign.  Through our extensive experience in PPC campaigns, we have learned how to write compelling advertisements that bring quality traffic to your site.  Our expertise gives us the ability to create high-converting landing pages to link to your advertisements and produce the desired reaction from your new visitors.

We closely monitor how our campaign affects the traffic your site receives, as well as the conversions of that traffic. We continually use our observations to tweak the campaign in order to ensure that we are optimizing the use of your advertising budget. Every piece of data is carefully studied and analyzed, and combined with our knowledge to continually improve your campaign.

So if you have been searching for a way to increase your business’s presence on the internet, then look no further. With our extensive experience and unmatched expertise, Consorte Marketing will help you grow your business and achieve measurable results.