Content Strategy

As you know, it’s not easy to keep your site listed on the first page of search engine results. Google and its search engine comrades get smarter—and more particular—all the time. Black-hat SEO techniques using spammy content and links just don’t work anymore, so once again we have to work smarter by delivering fantastic, well-optimized site content that really does its jobs—entices users and shows up for relevant searches on Google and Bing. That’s where Consorte Marketing’s first-rate content strategy comes in.

content strategy

Content strategy combines elements of graphic design, journalism, marketing, public relations, user experience, web design, and, of course, well-written text. It comprises articles and blog posts, audio and video recordings, infographics, and other informative and/or entertaining material for the user. Regardless of its form, content should satisfy some need the user has, whether it’s answering a question about a product available for sale on your ecommerce site, or an amusing and relatable infographic that makes it clear that you “get” your readers. At the same time, great content works in relevant keywords in an organic fashion to keep your site performing well in search engine rankings.

At Consorte Marketing, our content writers are all about communicating beautifully for a variety of businesses and their target audiences. We really get to know you on an individual basis so that we can deliver your message to your customers in your voice, and in a way that will make your web content exciting, useful, and shareable. It’s far from a one-size-fits-all operation—we understand that the preferences and reactions of an audience of medical professionals are very different from those of a readership of high school athletes or recent college graduates in need of interview attire. Whether you need your blog posts and infographics to convey professionalism and authority or a great sense of humor and an eye for pop culture trends, we can deliver the goods. And we’ll cite reputable sources to add credibility, too.

Our recipe for fantastic content employs the 5Ws +1H and a few Ks. Who is viewing this content? What do we need or want them to know? When is it most effective to deliver each message? Where will users read or view this content? Why is it important? How are we going to deliver it to them? And what keywords are we targeting? We always use this strategy when developing written content or infographics for distribution.

Another ingredient is well-optimized markup in the code of our pages, which gives Google a clear picture of what each page on your site is. For example, we use well-written, optimized headings, titles and meta descriptions on individual pages, and we embed microformats in our code. On ecommerce web sites, this metadata might tell Google relevant details like the product name, which number on the page signifies its price, and what content on the page is the product description, versus user reviews. In short, great content satisfies both your readers and search engine algorithms. We’ll use similar strategies for images, videos and other content that people and search engines consume, too.

We love coming up with fresh, original, relevant content that does exactly what it needs to do. We want people who stumble upon your web site or blog to become addicted to what you have to share, in one visit. And we want to keep you performing well in rankings so that the people who are bound to love your products and services can find you in the first place. Are you ready to take your content strategy to a whole new level?

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