Internet Reputation Management

You’ve worked hard to grow your business through various marketing channels including the web. Things are going well and most of your customers are very happy. Then out of nowhere, you find that someone has posted a negative comment or review of your company on some complaints board or other website. When this happens, you can either defend your corporate reputation yourself and hope that your tactics work, or you can call upon a professional like Consorte Marketing.

Online Corporate Reputation Management

One unhappy customer or competitor who publishes negative content on the web about your company may result in thousands, hundreds of thousands, or millions of dollars in lost revenues from potential customers. You can minimize this effect by putting yourself on customer service alert and providing exceptional, prompt resolutions to issues as soon as they arise. However, you can’t stop everything and eventually there will be that one review that destroys your corporate reputation. When this happens, there are a few courses of action. The first is to try to remedy the situation directly with the original source. When this doesn’t work, you’ll need to suppress that content with information that paints a more accurate picture of your overall company and service. You could spend your time developing hundreds of pages of optimized content and reaching out to your happiest customers yourself, or you can hire a professional to do this for you.

Find Who is Searching For You

Before we perform any ongoing management, we like to have a clear picture of your customers and the situation at hand. We begin with a full Discovery – an in-depth fact-finding mission to determine exactly how big the problem is and if possible, the primary source. Using our experience with SEO and understanding user behavior, we’ll find out who’s searching for you, who your customers are, your adversaries and your friends. We’ll then devise a plan to clean up that mess and get you back into the black. Your competitors have smart people working for them, and so should you.