Content Creation

Content takes many forms, including the written word, images, video, and User-Generated Content (UGC) that contains all of these things embedded throughout social media conversations. When it comes to search engine marketing, content is and always will be King. In fact, it’s more important for your rankings than ever, as Google’s latest algorithms focus more on content and less on some of the factors it used to prioritize, like exact-match keyword links (“anchor text”). When you’re just starting out, written content is a great foundation upon which rich media stories can be told.

content takes many forms

At Consorte Marketing, we appreciate the need for first-class content—and by that, we mean material that not only is well optimized for search engines, but also is beautifully written and appealing to your target user demographic. What sets us apart? Among other things, it’s our creativity, extensive experience, and rigorous editorial process. It’s true that you can hire a freelance writer on a per-word basis who might produce some decent material. What we bring to the table is the industry expertise that will make your content superior for both search engines and your readership. It’s like choosing between a short-order cook and a chef. When it comes to your online business, which would you choose?

Developing a Content Strategy

No two online businesses are exactly alike. So it’s part of our job to get to know you and what you do to give us a clear understanding of your brand identity and specific needs, ideas, and goals. When we’re working together to brainstorm a strategy that really works for you, here are some of our considerations:

  • Your target demographic. We want to know who loves your products and services—and who else might if they only knew more about them. When we understand who your customers are and what makes them tick, we’ll have a great idea of what they kind of material will inspire them to take action, whether it’s making a purchase on your site or sharing a blog post with a friend.
  • Relevant keywords. We’ll use all the best tools to conduct smart keyword research, so that we’re able to optimize your site content from the get-go, using natural-sounding language that’s easy to read and understand.
  • Your goals and expectations. We want to be clear on what you’re looking to achieve and how we can help you get there.

Creating Your Content

Now comes the fun part—writing your material! We work with talented writers in every niche and will match you with the members of our team who best understand your audience. We maintain the highest possible standards for writing professionals in terms of producing great content, adhering to deadlines, and thinking way out of the box. If a writer isn’t fantastic, we simply don’t use him or her—full stop. Here are some of the finer points of the content creation process:

  • We can fully scale our efforts to meet your needs. Most of our clients elect for daily blog posts—about 20 per month. For clients with ecommerce websites, we combine this with the writing of product and category descriptions.
  • For your ecommerce site and any product pages, we produce descriptions that are optimized for search engine performance and effective in marketing to users.
  • If you’re not an ecommerce business, then your website is either designed for lead generation or its purpose is to connect with your current and potential customers (e.g. a medical or real estate office or hair salon would have this kind of site.) We write pages about the services you offer and help readers to understand why so many satisfied customers have chosen to do business with you—and why they should join the crowd!
  • Whether you’re an ecommerce business or content web site, we absolutely recommend blogging as a fantastic means of adding fresh, relevant content to your online presence. Your readers like it, and so do search engines—you get a “freshness bump” on Google for putting up new pages.
  • We want people to really enjoy reading your blog, so we make sure to stay inspired. We choose article topics based on user interest, which we discern by studying keyword search volume, current events (we use Google Alerts to stay on top of what’s going on in your niche), and even your ideas whenever you’re feeling creative. Our goal is to bring your readers the material that they find useful, timely, fun, and shareable—all while encouraging them tochoose your business when they’re ready to make a buying decision.

The Editorial Process

We’re very proud of the content we produce, and we don’t let anything go public until it looks phenomenal. Our stringent editorial process involves the following steps:

  • A search-engine optimizer sets keyword requirements, topics and other rules for our writers to follow based on relevance, search volume and other factors.
  • The writer we assign to your website works with an article topic or product selection and incorporates the required keywords, and any relevant background information, while adhering to a strict deadline.
  • The writer does any research needed and produces a draft of original content, including meta titles and descriptions.
  • Our editorial staff reviews the content for voice, style, grammar, and spelling.
  • Our optimizers read the edited post to confirm that the correct keywords and links are present in the article.
  • If you so choose, we submit the content to you for approval in anticipation of publishing it. We usually collaborate with clients in this way for the first few weeks of content creation, after which most are happy to take a step back and let us run with it. However, we are open to any reasonable approval process that makes you comfortable and matches your brand identity.
  • We publish the approved content to your web site, testing and verifying any embedded links and HTML styling, meta tags and optimization.
  • For most clients, we share the content through social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

As you can see, amazing content that both readers and search engines adore is our priority here. When you hire us for a full search engine optimization plan, we include content creation as one of our monthly deliverables.

Would you like to give your content a boost, but feel that you aren’t quite ready for a full SEO plan yet? That’s okay! We can work together on creating some new material, and you’ll see what we can do for you. Regardless of the marketing strategy you choose, you’ll need great content to succeed—and we want to write it for you.

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