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We used to call ourselves a full-service digital agency, because that’s what we are! But what we’re really talking about is how we develop, grow, and monetize our clients’ web presences. It wasn’t long ago that you could start and scale a profitable company by relying on nothing more than SEO or Affiliate Marketing. But those days are long gone. The only way to survive in today’s digital landscape is with a multi-channel (or in some cases, omni-channel) approach to your marketing. Social media marketing, content marketing, paid search, and a compelling website design are just a few of the necessary ingredients for an effective online marketing campaign. Most companies, however, don’t have unlimited resources to address all of these points full-on from the beginning. That’s where we come in.

Web Presence

Prioritizing Your Web Presence & Marketing Strategy

Most clients benefit from our guidance in establishing the right focus throughout the management of their web presences. Whether you’ve got a flat $20,000 to invest, or can devote $20,000+ per month to your web presence, you’ll need an effective strategy to roll out various campaigns. After an initial needs assessment, we’ll help you launch the right projects at the right times, and we’ll see them through to fruition with you. These important decisions are likely to either make or break your business, and with Consorte Marketing in your corner, the likelihood of success increases exponentially.

Why Not Just Start With SEO?

Perform a few Google searches, and you’re likely to discover that the results pages are full of Pay-Per-Click ads for most keywords related to a purchasing decision, while organic results are buried below the fold, where few people will find them. Paid search results dominate, whether you’re searching for a service like credit card processing or a product description like red tank top. And, while some organic results do make it above the fold, more often than not they’ll belong to multi-billion-dollar brands or a handful of well-known websites like Amazon or Authorize.net. For these reasons, paid search is almost always an integral part of a company’s web presence.

Why Not Just Use Google Adwords?

Armed with this information, many companies will choose to ignore SEO completely while focusing entirely on Google AdWords campaigns. While this may seem like the path of least resistance, it falls far short of what it takes to build a sustainable online business. Organic results still dominate the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) for queries people perform during information-gathering stages. Try questions like what color is popular right now or phrases like how to compare law firms, and you probably won’t see many ads above the fold at all. Yet a website that ranks well for one of these phrases will likely be top of mind when a potential client or customer is ready to make a buying decision deeper into the sales funnel. Establishing a presence early on will help your brand to resonate when the time is right, so that when a shopper or client is faced with a page full of paid ads, your company will stand out as the one that answered his original question when he began his journey towards a purchase.

How Does Social Media Fit In?

Misguided decision makers will often believe the hype that you can build a business on social media alone. While this can be the case for products and services that are truly viral in nature, it is not a practical approach for the majority of companies that sell physical goods or services (i.e. ones that are not social in nature.) Social media does play a critical role, however, in creating chatter about your brand among your target audience. This collective conversation, in turn, results in lots of user-based content that will help to amplify your other marketing efforts, playing a vital role not only in generating traffic, but also in increasing conversions. For example, a potential client who is deciding between two law firms may do some research into their respective overall web presences, and the firm with more engaging profiles on various popular social media sites will likely win the client’s business.

Anything Else?

Yes! Many other channels are worth your exploration. If you sell a product, for example, you may need to list it on Amazon, Rakuten, or in other marketplaces. If you’re an attorney, you’ll want to list your firm’s name in places like FindLaw. All of these developments require your valuable resources, and it can be confusing to decide where to focus. We make that process easy for you by crafting a strategy and doing the heavy lifting for you. This way, you can focus your time and energy on providing a top-quality product or service to your customers, while we work on putting your brand and all it has to offer in front of the right audience.